Skilled Nursing Facilities (Often called “Nursing Homes”) are licensed to provide nursing and rehabilitation under the supervision of licensed nurses.

There are basically two types of patients in a Skilled Nursing Facility; patients who are getting physical therapy or rehab after having suffered a serious health issue such as a broken hip or a stroke. The other type of patient is no longer getting physical therapy but is staying on a term basis as they now require a high level of ongoing care.  As a general rule of thumb, this type of patient is not able to walk more than 20 feet on their own and needs help with transferring (e.g. going to from the bed to a wheel chair) and is therefore essentially a bed care patient.

At Pathfinder Senior Care Consulting we can help you determine if a skilled nursing facility is appropriate and to find the best facilities in your area whether it is for a short-term rehab stay or for long term care.

We can also help you with accessing Medicare and Medi-Cal to pay for your loved one’s stay and answer the many questions families have when faced with the decision to go to a skilled nursing facility.

Skilled Nursing Facilities