Get The Family To Agree To The Plan

As a neutral 3rd party with an in-depth knowledge of the facts and figures of senior care, we can help you resolve family resistance to get the family to agree upon a safe care plan.  

Our financial tools for comparing care scenarios is often all it takes to break through family arguments about which care choice is best.  By seeing how each care option impacts the rate at which the savings will decline year by year families come to an agreement quickly.  

For patients that are resisting making a safe change in their living arrangements we help the family draft a "dialogue script" for the family to use as a consistent message whenever the family visits the patient. The script is designed to leverage the senior's fears and motivators as a way to encourage them to agree to a safe change.  Often the reason the senior hasn't been willing to make a change is that they haven't been aware of the benefits and have been hearing conflicting stories about what home care or facility care is really like.