In California we are rich when it comes to senior care options as we have so many different types and a wide range of price points.  California has something for just about every budget and knowing where the best values are is our expertise.  

Knowing your budget is the first step and can be tricky to determine without talking to someone who knows how to analyze your finances.  At Pathfinder we consider government benefit eligibility, life expectancy, monthly income, savings and investments, and equity in your home to determine how much you can safely afford to pay for care so you that don't outlive your assets.  We have a proprietary tool that lets you compare each care option side-by-side and see what the yearly impact is on the estate.  This makes for an easy way to choose a care option as it allows you to find the most financially efficient choice for senior care.  

As senior care over time can become a big financial outlay, having some proper planning and analysis to make the right care choices now can save a lot of money in the long run. This is particularly true when it comes to Medi-Cal Benefits and Veterans benefits. Many people are surprised when they find out that they can actually qualify for government senior care benefits and greatly appreciate knowing what moves they do now may enhance or hinder their eligibility in the future.       

The patient's house may be a great source to help cover the costs of care.  At Pathfinder we can help you determine when its appropriate to use a Short and Long Term Loans such as a home equity line of credit, a reverse mortgage, or whether its best to Sell or Rent the House.  To help you find the best way to tap into the equity of your home we provide an evaluation that considers cash flow needs, interest rates, life expectancy, in-home caregiver costs, house repair costs, real estate value comps, rental rates, income taxes and capital gains taxes.  We roll up this complex analysis into simple and easy to understand summary to help you consider your options when it comes to maximizing the value in your home. 

Many of our clients are shocked at how low the fees for our services are and frequently comment about how much more we saved them.  We charge only a fee that subscribes you to our consulting services for a year, and that's all you pay.  The fee can vary based on the range of services you select but the initial consultation is free of charge and will give you all that you need to know about your options and whether it makes sense for us to help you.
Call 800-640-5626 for a free consultation for answers to any questions you might have and an in depth discussion about your current needs and what we would recommend in order to make your care arrangements affordable.  You can decide whether to implement our recommendations yourself or sign up for our services to get it done for you.


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