Board and Care Homes

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Board & Care's refers to a system of non-medical care which is provided in a residential single-family home. There are over 8100 licensed Board & Care homes in California and out of that maybe 40% are well run and can be an ideal location for many patients who need to be within "earshot" of a caregiver. There maybe some Board & Care's in your own neighborhood and you wouldn't know it as they have no signage out front and look just like any other home on the block.
Here are a few of the benefits of a Board & Care: 
Homey environment. For some this neighborhood home arrangement is more comfortable compared to an Assisted Living apartment-like setting or one that reminds them of a nursing home.
Familiar atmosphere. The board & care's smaller setting with fewer residents and caregivers creates less confusion and a more consistent daily experience for the patient.
Personalized care. One of the most significant advantage is that there is at least 1 caregiver for every 3 patients.  Caregivers have fewer residents to care for and therefore can provide your loved one with more personalized attention. You’ll also generally have the same caregiver all the time. Another added bonus is often the food can be prepared for one’s more personal choices; often this is difficult in larger facilities.
Cost Savings. Quality care can be found in these charming homes at a significant cost discount compared to the large assisted living memory care units.

Most Board & Care facilities serve no more than six seniors in a home-like family setting. Often the home has been remodeled to be handicap accessible, with larger no-step showers and grab bars. Residents either have their own bedroom and bathroom or they share with one other senior.  Small modifications for the safety of the senior are usually discrete, creating a “normal” home-like feel verses that of an institution.

Activities, such as exercise routines, outings, brain games, sing-a-longs, etc. are offered at most homes although not as frequent as might be had in a large assisted living community.  Just like assisted living, housekeeping, laundry and meals are included. Most homes provide transportation and can accompany the senior to doctor appointments as well. The services provided include dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, medication management, hygiene and continence issues.

Board and care homes are usually managed and owned by an individual or family who is closely involved in the day-to-day care of its residents, the owner doesn't live in the house as it's a business.  These caregivers are deeply committed to the residents and their families. There are many of these homes spread throughout our local neighborhoods, and they are certainly worth a visit. We at Pathfinder Senior Care Consulting are available to prepare a customized list of pre-screened facilities based on your individual and unique needs. We are available to accompany you as you tour each home and even assist you with the negotiation of the rates and all of the paperwork needed to move in.