About Us...

Our staff has many years of experience helping in the Senior Care industry. We've seen so many different types of situations and have already done the research and learned first hand what works and what doesn't work.  We have found a way to provide you with comprehensive solutions at a very low cost  that will provide you with savings many times over.

Few companies have the range and depth of expertise that Pathfinder Senior Care Consulting does all under one roof. Our team has training in social work, assisted living, finance, taxes, accounting, insurance, and real estate.This allows you to save time and get a complete solution. Many of our clients are surprised to find that a company like ours exists.  Well, we're proud to say....We do!. 

Call us anytime (yes 24/7!) to get answers to how we might be able to relieve you of the burden of caring for your senior at 800-640-5626